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Cyberoam Suppliers in Dubai

Cyberoam is an award-winning global IT security company with a presence in more than 125 countries. With an array of globally acclaimed and certified products, Cyberoam offers reliable solutions for varied needs of enterprises, including network security, centralized security management and centralized visibility. Trusted by thousands of customers across the globe for its innovative products and technology, Cyberoam enjoys a proven track record of serving many well-known names in the enterprise segment across various industries.

Benefits of Cyberoam
1. Boost Employee productivity by
a. Blocking access to the sites like Gaming, Shopping, news, Pornography
2. Conserve bandwidth by
a. Controlling access to non-productive site access during working hours
b. Controlling rate of uploading & downloading of data
3. Load balancing over multiple links
a. Improved User response time
b. Failover solution
c. Continuous availability of Internet
d. Reduced bandwidth bottlenecks
4. Conserve Printer usage
5. Enforce acceptable Internet use, printer use and mailing policies
6. Comprehensive, easy-to-use reporting tool enabling the IT managers to compile reports on
Internet and other resources usage and consumption patterns