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Grandstream Supplier in Dubai

Grandstream Networks, Inc. Grandstream Networks. Inc. has been connecting the world since 2002 with SIP unified communication solutions that allow business to be more productive and growing than ever before. This company has also bagged the ISO 9001 certificate on behalf of its top indented line of communication systems. The Grandstream brand is a renowned brand in the industry of telecommunication solutions and innovative products. Grandstream brand is well known for their huge variety of high quality products as well as for their top promising technology standards. The products of Grandstream appears in the top list as always because of their reliable degree and unblemished characteristic products that provides superlative sound and picture quality along with affluent telephony features. Grandstream manufactures and assembles an extensive range of IP Phones that can be convenient for all sorts of large scale or small scale business enterprises – which can be manual IP Phones to cordless DECT IP Phones. Currently, Grandstream products and solutions are delegating businesses in more than 150 countries across the world.
Grandstream Networks incorporated since 2002 and has been rapidly growing since by granting victorious IP voice and video telephony, video conferencing and video surveillance products. After its incorporation, in the year 2013 the product shipment began. This assurance led to the long run of 2 digit year over year annual growth rate of revenues. All the credit goes to its comprehensive and qualitative range of products, top-tier services and commitment to premium user experience. The diversity of product tools and technical support options secures the Grandstream customers for they get the most out of their communication solution.

Computer Shop Dubai is one among the top leading suppliers of Grandstream IP Phones in Dubai, UAE. The Computer Shop Dubai is one of the best distributor of Grandstream IP Phones in Dubai. Our expertise is validated by the solutions we provide to our clients. The Grandstream IP Phones Telephone system is a form of private telephone networks which is exceedingly used internally by all types of business enterprises and we, Computer Shop Dubai provides our customer with absolutely all models or series of Grandstream IP Phones where the products are promisingly reliable and of high quality. The Computer Shop Dubai adopts the best industry practices that helps us become the best suppliers of Grandstream IP Phones in Dubai. We value our customers and grant them with the best and effective solutions which also helps us in being the best Grandstream IP Phones distributors in Dubai. We are magnificent in providing IT related services and by also providing IT products to our customers which therefore makes us the best Grandstream IP Phones suppliers in Dubai. A powerful yet easy to achieve platform is formed with the help of Grandstream IP Phones series arrival where the voice, video, data and mobility communications are made easy to manage.

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